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We Provide the Following Services:

Today's photography is in high-definition, you need flawless service if you want to look beautiful. We take all of your wedding beauty prep tasks off your plate and ensure everything runs smoothly so you can relax and enjoy YOUR day.

Our groomsmen styling services are head to toe. We offer beard and brow grooming, mini facials (cleanse-exfoliate-moisturize), and complexion correcting. You and your groomsmen can choose how many styling services you’d like—whether you’re looking for a subdued look or a mini spa day. In addition, we also offer tattoo cover-ups, eye cream and lip scrub/balm.

Bridesmaid Hair and Makeup

Your bridesmaids are your GIRLS! They deserve to be pampered and primped too. Managing large groups can be challenging, but with a day of coordination schedule, we will get all of you to the altar on point and most importantly, on time.

Makeup Classes

Are you interested in becoming a bridal makeup artist? We know there is an endless amount of beauty information online, so we are here to help you cut through the noise. Our classes will give you the basic skills and knowledge to start your career immediately. 

Airbrush Makeup

Between the heat, sweaty dancing, and lots of hugs, your makeup is going to go through a lot on your wedding day. With airbrush makeup, you are color matched to a tee and guaranteed an oil-free face. Our products are capable of foundation application, concealing, highlighting, bronzing, and contouring. Tell us about your vision and we’ll make it happen!

The Keys for Gorgeous Bridal Hair

“Your hair is the crown you never take off.” That’s right, ladies! And for your wedding day, we’re putting a crown on top of that crown. Bridal hair is one of a kind—when else will you wear a dramatic updo with flowers on your head?!


Your hair should be the cut, color, and style you want on your wedding day so that styling starts about six months prior to the wedding day. Brushed Beauty is not a salon, but we do have stylist recommendations for you, should you need them. Our team will come in and make miracles with your hair for the day of your wedding. But first, make sure to do your hair homework:


  • Visit a stylist six months before your big day to make sure you have the cut and color that you like.  

  • Get a trim/color touch-up four to six weeks prior to your wedding day.

  • Clean, dry hair is easiest for us to work with, but we can schedule a blow-dry with proper notice (at least two weeks in advance).

  • Do a little bit of research (hellooooo, Pinterest!) to find a few styles that really speak to you. It helps the process if you can come in with a few ideas.

  • A conditioning treatment two to three weeks prior is the perfect way to prepare your hair for its big event!


We’ll give you any look you want, but if you’re at a loss we can help you out. We’re up to date on the latest bridal hair trends, and we’re well-versed in timeless elegant looks. Chat with us about your needs and wants, and we’ll start hairstyling you all the way to a dreamy bridal look. With our packages, you’re able to test out up to three different looks before committing to one.


We give every client the same level of attention and service, so we do not charge for hair by length or style. In other words, pick whatever you want—there’s no catch or extra charge! If you’re hoping to use some bridal accessories, we can order those for you.


Ready to get started? So are we. Reach out and one of our stylists will give you a call!

Partner with a bridal hair and makeup team eager 

to put you first.

Are you ready to take one more wedding task off your to-do list?

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